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Orthomed are pleased to announce the launch of the new medium size MMP wedge.

Although dogs from as small as 1.3kg to as large as 105kg have been successfully treated using either the standard MMP wedge (40mm long) or the small breed MMP wedge (20mm long), some experienced MMP surgeons remarked that certain breeds, for example Springer Spaniels and Staffies, were rather more challenging MMP patients.

These breeds are right at the "crossover" between standard and small breed implant sizes - something that is exacerbated by breed-related tibial morphology - a relatively short tibial tuberosity and a sharply narrowing tibial diaphysis.

The new medium MMP wedge, which is manufactured from the same OrthoFoam material, is 30mm in length and comes in one size advancement - 7.5mm.

The surgical procedure is unchanged and utilises instruments in the standard MMP kit. An extension kit containing a new 30mm saw guide and a new trial wedge are the additional instruments required.

The new medium wedge and instrumentation is available now and the extension kit compromising of the additional instruments, two wedges and three staples comes with a free tray.

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