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RidgeStop™ has been designed to provide surgeons with a cost effective alternative to sulcoplasty when carrying out procedures used to correct patella luxation. It uses a synthetic ridge held in place using standard cortical screws to build up the sides of the patella groove where it is insufficient or eroded due to degenerative conditions.

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RidgeStop™ can be used as a stand alone procedure in less severe cases, or applied following re-alignment surgeries such as distal femoral ostoetomy or tibial crest translocation.

The ‘Ridge’, when correctly positioned acts as a barrier to prevent the patella slipping.

The aim of the surgery is to ensure the patella slides up and down within its groove without slipping to one side or the other, causing discomfort and lameness.

Unlike other procedures for this condition where the joint surface had to be cut, this is a much less traumatic procedure, as well as being more effective.

This procedure has been successfully carried out on both dogs and cats.


  • Made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP)
  • Used extensively in veterinary and human joint replacements
  • Offers optimal patella stability
  • Minimal Joint Interference
  • Medial or lateral application
  • Uses standard cortical bone screws

RidgeStop™ Implant

An ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene rim that uses standard cortical screws

RidgeStop™ is precision manufactured using Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP). This non-toxic, ultra-tough material transfers loads effectively and has an extremely low coefficient of friction making it ideal for Patella luxation.

“Stand alone” procedure often possible, simplifying the surgery

It can be used as a stand-alone procedure in less severe cases, or applied following realignment surgeries such as distal femoral osteotomy or tibial crest translocation

Available in five sizes for both left lateral-right medial, and left medial-right lateral

Available in five lengths, starting at a low profile 1.5cm up-to a 3.5cm, the RidgeStop™ implants cover most sizes of dogs (and some cats) for either a medial or lateral luxating patella. Determining the size of the implant required is from the Ridgespan measurement, taken from a standard lateral radiograph, measuring from the proximal extent of the trochlear ridge to the condylar notch.

Precision Drill Guides

Precision engineered instruments to ensure correct implant placement

By working closely with world renowned orthopaedic surgeons, bio-mechanical engineers, and expert material scientists, we have been able to produce a set of instruments & implants that not only break new ground, but are so technically advanced they meet & exceed all medical gold standards for sugical equipment.

Ultra-high molecular weight polythylene implants

Although the concept of a trochlear ridge prosthesis is novel, the constitutent biomaterial (UHMWPE) has been widely used both in human and veterinary orthopaedics.

Ridgespan drill guides to ensure the correct positioning during surgery

Each implant size has a corresponding drill guide, to ensure ideal placement of the implant. Depending on the implant size, they will require either two or three standard cortical bone screws, and the use of the drill guide allows not only ideal placement of the implant but also alignment of the divergent screw holes.

Easy-remove pins to hold the drill guides in place

Sized to exactly match a 2.0mm drill bit, these pins are desgned to hold the drill guides in the correct position during surgery.
To ensure a smooth removal, the ends of each pin have been carefully engineered with three bevels, each providing additional grip for easy removal.

RidgeStop™ is sold as a complete kit with implants in the size range 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5cm

The lightweight, durable cases have been machined to hold each instrument securely in place.

MMP Instrument Kit - Standard Breed

RidgeStop™ Implant - Left Lateral, Right Medial

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RidgeStop™ Starter Kit

RidgeStop™ Starter Kit

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RidgeStop™ Implant - Left Medial, Right Lateral

RidgeStop™ Implant - Left Medial, Right Lateral

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RidgeStop™ Workshops

Unlike many others in the veterinary field, Orthomed restrict the sales of certain systems to veterinary surgeons that have attended a workshop. RidgeStop™ is one of these.

Our experience shows that surgeons who are competent to perform existing remedies for patella luxation will be able to learn the additional skills and knowledge to allow them to become successful RidgeStop™ surgeons.

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