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ALICAM® captures high resolution, 360 degree diagnostic images of the entire gastrointestinal tract and allows any veterinarian to diagnose GI disease quickly and accurately.

Panoramic views of the GI Tract
High Resolution Images
disease diagnosed quickly

ALICAM® Capsule

A small non-invasive endoscopy capsule that takes high-resolution 360° images of the entire GI tract

Once swallowed, the capsule is propelled through the GI tract by peristalsis.

Non-invasive easy administration that requires no anaesthesia

Captures 360 degree, high-resolution images of the GI tract

Four cameras and LED lights mounted inside the capsule

Images are stored in an on-board memory chip for future analysis

How does it work?

ALICAM® is the perfect all-in-one imaging solution for any veterinarian. Everything needed to perform study is contained within a tiny, single-use capsule, eliminating the need for costly equipment associated with traditional imaging techniques.

The patient is administered the ALICAM® capsule, which takes thousands of panoramic images as it is propelled through the GI tract by peristalsis.

Proprietary technology detects motion and allows ALICAM® to ‘sleep’ when not moving meaning the battery life is maximised.

Once ALICAM® has been recovered, it is returned to Orthomed where the images are downloaded. These, along with the dog’s history provided by the vet, are analysed by an internal soft tissue specialist who then prepares a detailed report highlighting areas of concern as well as treatment recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Captures 1000’s of images of the GI tract
  • Board-certified internal medicine specialists provide interpretation and treatment recommendations
  • No sedation, anaesthesia or restriction of movement
  • No need for expensive diagnostic instruments or costly training courses
  • No further costs for surgeon or patient owner

Intraluminal Visualisation

ALICAM® is intended for intraluminal visualization of the gastrointestinal tract.

It may be used as a tool in the detection of abnormalities of the GI system

Representative examples of detectable GI disease include, but are not limited to:
  • Erosions or ulcers
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Motility disorders
  • Inflammatory mucosal changes
  • Masses or other changes suggestive of neoplasia

Examples of pathology detected by ALICAM®:

Gastric polyp
Dilated lacteals
Ulcerated mass

ALICAM® Process

Quick diagnosis in four brilliantly simple steps

Having an ALICAM® capsule is like having instant access to an imaging centre but without purchase of expensive equipment.


The ALICAM® capsule is quickly and easily administered to the patient and is propelled through the GI tract by peristalsis


As it travels through the GI tract, ALICAM® will take 1000’s of high-resolution 360® images, detecting & recording any areas of concern


Once recovered and returned to Orthomed our internal veterinary specialists will analyse the images alongside the patient’s history


A detailed medical report is prepared for the veterinarian highlighting any areas of concern or treatment recommendations

ALICAM® is now available to buy online direct from Orthomed

Further information, and case submission forms can also be found at


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Workshops & Resources

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ALICAM® Lectures

The ALICAM® capsule is relatively simple for the surgeon to administer – we like to think that we offer all the resources and instructions to make the patient and the owner fully understand the procedure and how the capsule actually works.

But there’s nothing better than listening first-hand to regular users of ALICAM® and how it has had a positive impact within their practice.

Regular talks and presentations are being help on this topic from leading ALICAM® users

Find your nearest ALICAM® workshop

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