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MMP uses a wedge-shaped implant of titanium OrthoFoam™ which both defines the degree of advancement of the tibial tuberosity and holds the bone in its new place while the bony ingrowth that provides permanent biomechanically robust fixation, develops.

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The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is so named to acknowledge the investigator of these operations - Dr P Maquet, a human orthopaedic surgeon working in Belgium during the 1960’s.

Designed as an evolution of Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), MMP has proven itself to be a much simpler & more cost-effective procedure that has excellent outcomes.

More than 75% of dogs will return to previous levels of unrestricted athletic activity and function. Contact us about our MMP owners guide for further information.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for referral and primary-care veterinary surgeons
  • Suitable for all breeds and size
  • Shorter surgery time
  • Shorter convalescence
  • Backed by clinical papers

Introducing the new medium size MMP wedge

With almost 40,000 cases of cranial cruciate ligament failure treated using MMP (October 2017) and in response to user feedback we are pleased to announce a medium size MMP OrthoFoam wedge™.

The medium size MMP wedge is 30mm long and gives an advancement of 7.5mm which is appropriate for typical Springers, Staffies and similar sized dogs. Manufactured from chemically pure implant grade titanium OrthoFoam™. The surgical procedure is unchanged and utilises instruments in the standard size MMP kit - a single 30mm saw guide and new trial wedge the only additional instruments required.

  • Wedge length: 30mm
  • Single size-approriate advancement: 7.5mm
  • Manufactured from chemically pure implant-grade titanium OrthoFoam™
  • Utilizes the Standard Breed Instrument kit
  • 30mm Saw Guide and new Trial Wedge required
  • Ideal for Springer Spaniels and Staffordshire Bull Terriers and similar
  • Product code: MMP2540075

OrthoFoam™ Wedge

A load-bearing, bio-compatible, pure titanium wedge that facilitates rapid bone ingrowth

Developed in association with the National Research Council of Canada, the biocompatible titanium OrthoFoam™ wedge paves the way for the next generation of Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

An open porous structure that provides a completely solid repair

The open porous structure and sympathetic mechanical characteristics of the titanium OrthoFoam™ implant encourages early and sustained bone ingrowth removing the need for bone grafting or similar.

New bone cells proliferate throughout the wedge, bonding it to the host bone creating a solid repair which considerably reduces convalescence and considerably improves the long term prognosis for the patient.

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Loadbearing
  • Interconnected pores
  • Rapid bone ingrowth
  • Reduced convalescence

Varying degrees of advancement that’s fit for dogs of any breed size

The wedge is available in gauge sizes from 3mm to 8mm advancement in small breeds, 7.5mm advancement in medium breeds and 6mm to 15mm advancement in standard to large breeds, allowing surgeons to define the degree of advancement of the tibial tuberosity required on the basis of patient size whether that’s small, large or giant breeds.

Precision Instruments

Carefully engineered instruments to help simplify the surgical technique

We have manufactured the range of implants and instruments to the highest levels of precision, to ensure accurate, reproducible surgery time and time again, eliminating the possibilities of intraoperative variability.

Trial wedges help ensure the correct size of wedge to use

Selection of wedge size, and therefore amount of tibial tuberosity advancement is crucial to the success of the MMP procedure. The inclusion of trial wedges allows surgeons to gently advance the tuberosity to its required advancement carefully.

Carefully engineered saw guide for complete control

The use of the carefully engineered saw guide gives complete control and ensures the osteotomy is of the correct length and allows various positioning to ensure the correct thickness of the tuberosity.

Wedge inserter that allows easy placement of the wedge

The appropriate OrthoFoam™ MMP wedge is loaded into this UK precision manufactured insertion device to allow accurate placement of the wedge.

Titanium staples that keep everything in place

The potentially disruptive forces that act to displaces the distal end of the tibial tuberosity cranially following advancement are controlled using our Titanium staple. Available for both the small and standard breed kits, the slight compression on the staple legs allows for ultimate compression.

Available in small, medium & standard breed kits, all instruments come neatly packaged in fully sterilizable instrument cases

The lightweight, durable cases have been machined to hold each instrument securely in place.

MMP Instrument Kit - Standard Breed

Small Breed MMP Kit

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MMP Instrument Kit - Medium Breed

Medium Breed MMP Kit

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MMP Instrument Kit - Standard Breed

Large Breed MMP Kit

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Workshops & Resources

We’re by your side every step of the way

Every customer is guaranteed a level of support which will enable them to achieve the best outcomes using the implants and instruments that they have purchased.

MMP Workshops

Unlike many other manufacturers in the veterinary field, Orthomed restrict the sales of certain systems to veterinary surgeons that have attended a workshop. MMP is one of these.

Our experience shows that surgeons, who are already confident and competent with extra-capsular cruciate repair surgery, will be able to learn and assimilate the additional skills and knowledge to allow them to become successful MMP surgeons.

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Additional Resources

As well as providing workshops for our products we also have a selection of resources available to our customers such as user guides, videos, case studies and templates.

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