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Standard Breed MMP Instrument Kit

Standard Breed MMP Instrument Kit

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Standard Breed MMP Instrument Kit

The MMP standard kit is the complete instrumentation set, including drill bits, required for the MMP procedure.
The MMP procedure requires minimal instruments and removes the need for void-filling or bone grafting, but does require this precise, high quality instrumentation.

The standard kit is for use with breeds around the springer spaniel size and above. We also have a Small Breed instrument kit available.

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What if I need help or advice after the course?
  • Orthomed works closely with several surgeons in UK and overseas who are available to provide support and ongoing advice to users. That might be a specific clinical enquiry, like wanting to check that you have chosen the best size of implant, or a chat with an experienced surgeon to help you with a particularly awkward case. Likewise, not all surgeons feel sufficiently confident to tackle MMP straight away and if you think you will benefit from a “refresher” you will be welcome to attend a second course free of charge.
Will the course include instruction on radiographic templating and pre-surgical planning – I have heard that that is very complicated?
  • The course will cover all the information needed to allow you to perform your first MMP in practice. In fact, the complex methods of pre-surgical planning have been shown to be rather unreliable and doubt has been cast about whether they should be used at all. Current recommendations for MMP involve a very simple method for planning the surgery and although radiography remains an important part of the diagnostic assessment, the templating and complexity is a thing of the past.
How quickly do dogs recover from MMP surgery?
  • It is essential that following MMP surgery, the dog is restricted to leash exercise only for the first four weeks to allow the osteotomised tibia to heal and start remodelling. During that time, the dog will be weight bearing confidently on the operated limb and capable of quite lengthy leash walks. However, no matter how good the dog looks after surgery, it is advised that free-running, off-leash exercise is not allowed during the first month. Dogs are able to resume full, unrestricted athletic activity by the end of the second though some mild stiffness and lameness might still be seen. The “time to best improvement” is about five months. If bilateral MMP surgery is needed, this can be done at a single session or staged with 3-6 weeks between operations if preferred.
How common are complications with MMP surgery?
  • Our experience with several hundred MMP operations indicates that the major complication rate (complications that might need revision surgery) is about 5% of dogs operated. A recent independent paper from North Carolina State Vet School reported a similar re-operation rate of 3/48 cases. This compares well with published data for conventional TTA and TPLO procedures. Almost all surgical complications are the result of technical errors made by the surgeon and consequently, a significant art of the course is directed at identifying potential technical errors and avoiding them. As with any significant orthopaedic operation, it is important that the risk of complication is discussed with the owners before surgery.
Can anybody do MMP operations?
  • While RCVS imposes no specific restrictions on who does this kind of orthopaedic surgery, it is clearly not the kind of thing that a brand new graduate should be considering. Unlike many others in the UK veterinary field, Orthomed restricts the sale of instruments and implants to veterinary surgeons that have attended a workshop. Our experience shows that surgeons, who are already confident and competent with extra-capsular cruciate repair surgery, will be able to learn and assimilate the additional skills and knowledge to allow them to become successful MMP surgeons.

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