Neurologic Instruments
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Neurologic Instruments

The essential neuromed set

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Neurologic Instruments

Orthomed are immensely proud of their new range of products and education tools that have been put together under one brand: neuromed

We are particularly proud to have put together a pack of specialised, precision engineered, highest quality instruments that are critical to the practice of neurosurgery

This world leading instrument set includes the following items:


1 x Rotating Kerrison Modular Handle

1 x Rotating Kerrison Shaft - 1mm 40deg upbite; 7" Requires OM-70-2390-N

1 x Rotating Kerrison Shaft - 2mm 40deg upbite; 7" Requires OM-70-2390-N

1 x Suture Forceps - Fine Touch Forceps 180mm with Platform

1 x Root Retractor - Dandy Nerve 9"

1 x Hooked Loop - Kirby Double-Ended

1 x Hook - Gross Hook and Spoon

1 x Rongeur - Ruskin dbl act, Straight 5mm 7"

2 x Elevator - Freer 4.5mm DE - Sharp/Blunt 7 1/2"

1 x Retractor - Army Navy, Pair of 2; 8 1/4"

1 x Senn Retractor - Double-Ended Sharp

1 x Lempert Rongeur - Curved

1 x Curette - Buck ear size 1 - 2mm Straight and Sharp

1 x Curette - Buck ear size 3 - 3mm Straight and Sharp

1 x Curette - Williger 3&4mm 5 1/2"

1 x Drop Gelpi - Drop angle - Drop Handle - Small 4 1/2"

2 x Drop Gelpi - Drop angle - Drop Handle - Large 6 1/2"


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