Congress 28 Aug 2020
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This new live presentation has been put together by our clinical leaders to highlight the evolution, clinical updates and progression of the Modified Maquet Procedure over the last few years.
They will also share their experiences and provide insights into how the achieved successful outcomes.

Who should attend?
• Current MMP users
• Previous MMP users
• Surgeons interested in cruciate controversies
Conference overview
• Diagnosing cruciate disease
• Surgical options for cruciate disease
• Cruciate controversies
• Arthrotomy or not to arthrotomy
MMP updates
• Pre and post-op planning
• Intraoperative considerations
• Procedure updates
• Performing MMP’s on giant, medium and small breeds
• Managing complications
• New MMP clinical publications
• MMP case reviews


Fri, 28 Aug

12:00EST/17:00BST 3 hours

Live Conference - Modified Maquet Procedure

Limited places


Full & half day, hands on workshops

Each workshop gives participants the chance to carry out procedures on plastic models or cadavers, under the instruction of highly regarded tutors.

OrthoFoam™ MMP Wedge for TTA (1/2 Day am)
An evolution of the TTA procedure for treatment of lameness due to cranial cruciate failure.

The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is an evolution of the TTA procedure for treatment of lameness due to cranial cruciate failure.

The course is in two parts: a lecture based introduction followed by a practical session using synthetic bone models of the stifle, animations and video support material will also be used. The development of the technique, implants and associated instrumentation will be described and a detailed review of surgical technique and clinical outcomes will cover all aspects of MMP.

The benefits of RidgeStop:

  • Titanium, porous wedge replaces existing TTA systems
  • Open-pore titanium encourages bone growth
  • Simplified procedure
  • 20 – 25 minute surgical time with short convalescence
  • Can be used on small, large and giant breeds

During this session we will cover:

  • Biomechanics and theoretical foundations of TTA’s
  • An introduction to MMP and OrthoFoam™
  • Advancement of the 90° patella tendon angle - the controversies
  • How to perform an MMP procedure with confidence
  • Clinical experience and publications
  • Dry bone practical session

By the end of this course delegates should have an understanding of:

  • Why we’ve developed another cruciate sugery technique
  • Biomechanics and theoretical foundations of MMP
  • Case selection for MMP
  • Ability to perform MMP procedure


Live - Via Zoom

Book online or contact local office. International - Email: [email protected] - Phone: +44 (0) 845 045 0259 | USA - Email: [email protected] - Phone: +1 (772) 562-6044 , Live,

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Taught by world leading experts

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Bruce Nwadike


Sarit Dhupa



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