Webinar 19 and 23 April 2021
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We’re not just selling products, we hold a variety of veterinary orthopaedic workshops and events throughout the year both in the UK and the United States.

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We have a vast range of support material developed to provide you with tips & techniques which will revolutionise your veterinary surgical techniques

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These courses are three to four-hour live interactive sessions.

Each session is a combination of a presentation with surgical video, animation and demonstration and an interactive practical where you will perform the procedure on a sawbone model, tutored by one of our specialist instructors.

Time will be allotted with the instructor for a Q&A session.

The sawbone model, implant and instrumentation required to carry out the practical element, will be supplied prior to the event.


Mon, 19 Apr

Start time 09:00 UK Duration 4hrs

Stifle disease - Cranial cruciate ligament disease featuring MMP

Includes interactive sawbone session

Mon, 19 Apr

Start time 14:00 UK Duration 4hrs

Stifle disease - Patellar luxation featuring RidgeStop

Includes interactive sawbone session

Fri, 23 Apr

Start time 14:00 UK duration 4hrs

Plate osteosynthesis featuring String of Pearls (SOP)

Includes interactive sawbone session


Full & half day, hands on workshops

Each workshop gives participants the chance to carry out procedures on plastic models or cadavers, under the instruction of highly regarded tutors.

Stifle Disease: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease
Featuring MMP

MMP is a surgical technique for treatment of lameness caused by failure of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL).

Named after a human surgeon, Dr. P Maquet, the MMP is a form of TTA and uses a pure titanium foam wedge to advance and fix the tuberosity. The MMP was developed to make Tibial Osteotomy surgery more widely available to surgeons.

Course Agenda

  • Pathology and diagnosis of cranial cruciate ligament disease

  • Treatment options for CCL disease and meniscal injury

  • OrthoFoam™ – the bone ingrowth implant

  • MMP technique

  • Key steps of procedure

  • MMP variations

  • Difficult cases

  • Dealing with complications

  • MMP sawbone practical

  • MMP cadaver practical (course dependent)

The MMP procedure allows for short surgery time, short convalescence, can be more cost effective and outcomes are similar to those of TPLO*

*“Outcome after Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy and Modified Maquet Procedure in Dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture”
Authors: Knebel J, et al VCOT 2020 Apr 21. doi: 10.1055/s-0040-1701502.

Stifle Disease: Patellar Luxation
Featuring RidgeStop™

RidgeStop™ is employed as an adjunct procedure when re-alignment operations such as tibial tuberosity transposition or much less commonly distal femoral ostectomy have been performed.

The aim of the surgery is to make sure that the patellar slides up and down within its groove, without slipping to one side or the other; the cause of discomfort and lameness.

Unlike other procedures for patellar luxation where the joint surface has to be cut, this is a much less traumatic procedure, as well as being more effective.

Course Agenda

  • Patellar luxation pathophysiology

  • Patellar luxation including tibial tuberosity transposition

  • The concept of RidgeStop™

  • RidgeStop™ and TTT sawbone practical

  • RidgeStop™ and TTT cadaver practical (course dependent)

Plate Osteosynthesis
Featuring SOP™

The SOP™ is a world-leading locking plate fixation system. This system can be thought of as an internal – external fixator and is applicable in a huge array of fracture repairs. SOP™ also serves as a locking spinal fixation system and is available in 2.0mm, 2.7mm and 3.5mm sizes in either steel or titanium.

It’s a hugely versatile system that requires minimal instrumentation and therefore removes the need for expensive investment.

2021 will also see the introduction of a new low profile SOP™ system which will be incorporated into our workshops. This low profile plate, utilises the same principles of SOP™ technology for the plate and screw interface and was developed for small cases ranging from 2kg to 10kg.

Course Agenda

  • Fracture and implant biomechanics

  • Bone healing principles

  • Assessment of fracture patient

  • Fracture score

  • Internal fracture fixation

  • How to apply non locking plates

  • Locking plates and screws

  • How SOP™ differs to existing implant systems

  • SOP™ biomechanics

  • SOP™ clinical recommendations

  • SOP™ sawbone practical

  • SOP™ cadaver practical (course dependent)


Live - Via Zoom

Features a presentation and demonstration, followed by a live session including performing your own sawbone surgery, Live,

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Taught by world leading experts

The following leading experts lecture our workshops and use our products. Confirmation of who is teaching on the day will be determined closer to the date of the event.

Scott Rutherford

BVMS, CertSAS, DipECVS, MRCVS, RCVS & EU Specialist in Small Animal Surgery


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Tickets can be purchased online in advance of the event. If you have any questions, please call us on +44 (0)845 045 0259

19 April Stifle disease featuring MMP (4hrs) BSAVA Congress attendee price
19 April Stifle disease featuring RidgeStop (4hrs) BSAVA Congress attendee price
23 April Plate Osteosynthesis featuring SOP (4hrs) BSAVA Congress attendee price

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